Research Profile


Phd in Computer Science, 2011 – Outstanding PhD award

Master in Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, 2008
M.Sc. in Computer Science, 2004/06 Final Project
Technical Eng. in Computer Science, 2001/04

Current Positions

Researcher at IN3 – UOC  / Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia [Jun’16 – Jan’17]
Senior Researcher at the IN3 of the Open University of Catalonia, developing optimization algorithms, complex systems models, and writing scientific publications.
Data science methods, writing European deliverables, and technological advise for Inspiralia Tecnologías Avanzadas (TOXDTECT financed by the EU FP7).
Deputy Principal Researcher, European Centre for Soft Computing [Feb ’12 – May ’16]
R&D projects management. Leading actions on agent-based modelling, system dynamics and artificial economics for brand management and marketing . Applied research on multicriteria decision making. Unit management and preparation of FP7 proposals.

Research on agent-based modeling and soft computing for marketing problems. Concretely, study of the social implications of the friends of a social network of users in freemium online apps for adopting premium contents.

Visiting Scholar at the University of Auckland [Sep ’12 – Dec ’12]
Research on multiobjective optimization for radiotherapy planning. Use of mathematical methods and metaheuristics for the intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and beam angle selection problems in cancer treatments.

R&D Engineer at Inspiralia / Pera [Jul ’08 – Jan ’12]
Delivery of FP7 projects related with intelligent systems, image analysis, pattern recognition, data mining and and software development. Technical management of the projects.

Research Assistant at the European Centre for Soft Computing [Jun ’07 – Jun ’08]
R&D projects about metaheuristics, optimization and production.

Internship fellow at the S&T Engineering dept. at Apple Computer  [Feb ’07 – May ’07]
Cork (Ireland). Testing of software and hardware devices on Windows over Mac architectures.

Research fellow at the University of Jaén [Sep ’05 – Dec ’06]
Keel project (a Java opensource data mining software), researching on feature selection, data mining and classification techniques.

Main Research topics

  • Optimization. Mainly, topics related with multicriteria real-world problems:- Multiobjective metaheuristics (evolutionary algorithms, ant colony optimization, memetic algorithms):
    – Inclusion of preferences during and before starting the search for the optimal solutions.- Robust solutions in optimization.
    – Visualization mechanisms for representing the solutions for a multiobjective problem.
  • Agent-based modeling and complex systems
  • Evolutionary game theory
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Marketing modelling and simulation. Optimal brand equity strategies
  • Industrial and managerial problems (industrial sequencing or assembly line balancing)
  • Image processing and pattern recognition for ubiquitous computing

Finished R&D Projects

Find below the most important and finished European FP7 and R&D projects with companies:
  • Identimod-ZIO: Decision support system based on computational intelligence and agent based modelling for branding and marketing. See ROD company website
  • TOXDTECT: predicting meat life by using sensors and data analysis in food packaging
  • I-PAN: FP7-ENV project about the use of image processing and soft computing techniques for wood panels production.Wind forecast: prediction of the global power generation of wind farms based on soft computing predictive techniques
  • EPOSBED & EPOSBED-DEMO: You can find out more and discover our final results going to the Eposbed page of this site
  • APIFRESH: Decision support system based on image analysis and data mining to identify different types of bee pollen and honey from cell processing and recognition
  • FORFIRE: Develop of a VUV camera for the early detection of forest fire. Pattern recognition algorithms will be included in the camera electronics to trigger an alarm when fire starts